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Bearing Series

Bearing Series Disc Springs

Gala Bearing Series Disc Springs are specially designed as preloading springs for use with radial ball bearings. They help maintain positioning accuracy of the bearing with no end play. They also minimize vibration and shaft deflection. Proper preloading will increase bearing rigidly and eliminate excessive running noise. This ensures backlash compensation for ball bearings.
We offer Ball Bearing Disc Springs in two types

Plain Ball Bearing Disc Springs

  Disc springs with high force, low deflection and pronounced regressive spring characteristics

  It provides for backlash compensation, silencing and protection of ball bearings

  The pre-load variation changes little within a wide range of deflection.

  Outside diameters OD ranging from 9.8-358 mm (0.386" - 14.1")

Slotted Ball Bearing Disc Springs

  Disc springs with low force and large deflection characteristics

  Used with small size ball bearings

Spring sizes mentioned below in table are of our standard production. The loads and deflections given are at spring deflection of 75% of free height (ho), same is the recommended preload.
Slotted Bearing Series Disc Springs details are available on request.

Click here to download Bearing Series Disc Springs Specification Sheet.pdf