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Centrifugal Machines

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Disc Finishing

Disc Finishers have a high speed rotating disc mechanism, offering high energy action. This provide performance levels upto 10 to 30 times higher than conventional vibratory machines. Gala offers standard as well as completely automated & integrated solutions for disc finishing. This system includes auto component weighing, loading , unloading & on line washing & drying.

Super Eight Systems

Working Principle :

Centrifugal Finishing Machine is composed of number of barrels mounted on the periphery of turret. The turret rotates at high revolution per minute (RPM) in one direction while the barrels are rotated in the opposite direction. Parts to be deburred and finished are placed in each of the barrels, normally together with media, water and some form of compound.

Turret rotation creates a high centrifugal force of up to 50 times earth gravity, thus compacting the load within the drums into a tight mass.

The counter rotation of the barrel causes activity of this tightly packed mass. The media slides against the parts being processed, removing burrs and improving surfaces. The abranding action during the high centrifugal force results in a very short process cycle. The inclined axis barrel rotation generates unique SUPER-EIGHT motions, which causes additional rubbing and polishing effect.

action within a Centrifugal Barrel System

Machine Model CFM 200

Advantage of Centrifugal Finishing

Burnishing and Mirror-like finishing
The raw steel with roughness of 10 micron can be improved to 0.5 micron in 30-60 minutes, while the conventional burnishing and lustering can be obtained in 15-30 minutes.

Heavy Deburring
Take 20-30 minutes for major deburring, descaling of black skin of casting and forging, finishing of tiny parts. The cutting action is similar to center less grinder.

Elimination of Entanglement and Distortion
No distortion found in thin plates (up to 0.4mm thick). Small thin flat parts, which easily stick to each other and used to be impossible to process can be perfectly processed e.g. valve reeds etc.

Consistency and Uniformity
Once the processing parameters are set the consisted results are obtained making this equipment suitable for mass finishing.



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