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Media & Compounds

Today we serve the global market with high end technology solutions in the field of surface engineering. We offer complete solution of machines and consumables for deburring, polishing and parts cleaning.

We have R&D and Test facilities to process your parts and derive the most optimum solution to suit your needs.

We offer wide range of consumables which include media and compounds. The consumables offered by us are consistent in quality and economical.

Selection of correct media and compound is very important to achieve the required output in terms of quality, cost and process time.

Gala Advantage

  Ready Stock

  Consistent Quality

  Test facilities to process samples

  Application support

Selection of Media
Shape, size and type of media is selected based on the application, geometry and material of components. Selection of shape and size of media should be such that possibility of clogging of media is eliminated.

We offer ceramic, plastic, glass, porcelain, steel, and drying media (corn cob).

Selection of Compound
Selection of compound is based on application and material composition of the part. The compounds are normally added to water with the concentration of 4 to 7%.

We offer wide range of compounds for degreasing, descaling, deburring and polishing applications.

We have specific range of products for ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Our product offerings also include rust removing compounds and rust inhibitors.

The available compounds are neutral, alkaline or acidic in nature.