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Engineering & Manufacturing Facilities

Disc Spring Design & Tooling

In-house tool design and development with latest CAD and 3 -D Modeling software.
State-of-the-art CNC Wire Cut Machines for achieving surface finish upto 5 microns on cutting elements.
Competency of manufacturing tools from variety of materials like HSS, Carbide, Powder Metallurgy, etc.
Variety of Coatings & Treatments on tool cutting elements to increase performance & achieve better edge quality.
We have developed tooling technology for shaving of edges for reducing the shear zone upto 20% of material thickness. This results in edge quality close to fine blanking.

Blanking & Forming

Gala is equipped with power presses of capacity up to 500 tons (5000 KN). Presses are attached with automatic De-coiling, straightening and feeding arrangements. It has also installed Photo Sensor for eliminating misblanking. The blanking capacity is from thickness 0.10 mm to 10 mm.


Depending on the requirement, the Disc Springs up to 500 mm Outer Diameter are turned on CNC centers to achieve required edge quality & stringent tolerances.

Heat Treatment

Over the years of experience Gala has developed capability to offer variety of heat treatment processes based on raw material and application of Disc Springs.

We offer options of Austempering, Carbo-Austempering, Martempering, Stress relieving, Vacuum heat treatment etc in technically advanced Austempering, Sealed Quench & Vacuum furnaces, wherein a heat treatment cycle is followed in a controlled atmosphere. This results in homogeneous & fine micro-structure leading to higher fatigue life & uniform hardness.

Shot Peening & Finishing

Shot Peening is done on Disc Springs for tensile stress relieving & inducing high level of compressive stresses resulting in higher fatigue life. The proprietary finishing process developed by Gala ensures burr free internal & external edges and imparts additional compressive stresses to further enhance fatigue life under adverse working conditions. This also reduces the chances of stress concentration on the edges of disc springs.

Scragging & Load Testing

Disc Springs are flattened for removal of permanent set. Disc Springs are tested with the load versus deflection characteristics as per DIN 2093 or customer specifications.

Depending upon the application, the customised disc springs are also tested for its progressive & regressive load characteristic, ensuring the complete process validation as per specifications.

Quality Assurance

Gala is committed to deliver products that consistently meet & exceed the requirements of our customers. A well laid-out procedure as per ISO 9001:2009 & TS 16949 ensures high quality products consistently.

Packing & Logistics

We offer customised packing for the products based on business volume & customer requirement. Quantum of delivery can be matched with the production schedule, be it every week or month with customer preferred options like at warehouse, Sea port, etc.