Media & Compounds

Cleaning Compounds, Deburring Compounds, Polishing Compounds


Gala offers wide range of machines, media & compounds. We guarantee futuristic finish for your components by offering customized integrated solutions.

Ceramic Media

Ceramic media are used for Heavy Cutting, Deburring, Descaling, Edge Radiusing & Fine Finishing of metallic & non –metalic work pieces. Gala has developed media to improve surface finish of ferrous components upto 0.05um. in vibratory or centrifugal systems.

Resin Bonded Plastic Media

Resin Bonded Plastic Media form Gala, are proven for deburring & finishing of non-ferrous components & casting. The low density of this media is the advantages over ceramic meida. It results in dentless finish on soft metals such as Aluminium, Zinc and alloys of Brass, Copper etc.

Steel Media

Steel media are used for burnishing to obtain lusture & reflective mirror-like finish.

Glass Media

Glass beads are used as rolling media for high gloss on work piece of low density material like optical frames, electric plastic components, etc. Major advantage of this media is very low wear rate.

Drying Media

Corn cobs have replaced Saw dust as drying media. The advantage of corn cob media is that it can absorb 12 times more water than saw dust without any dusting problem. They offer longer life. Corn cobs are also used for polishing of ferrous & nonferrous components.

Finishing Compounds are added for performing specific functions like keeping parts & media clean in suspension & removing all the dust & metal particles generated during process. The grain structure of the media is kept open allowing it to function at maximum efficiency. It prevents media impingement on components.