Spiral Springs

Spiral Springs for Seat Recliner

Spiral springs serve as energy storage units or damping elements .

Gala offers Spiral Springs for

  Seat Reclining System

  Seat Height Adjustment System

  Automotive Drive Control Mechanism

  Window Regulator Mechanism

Spiral springs are used as equalizing springs for smaller angles of rotation. The stored energy is used as an equalizing force or righting moment. The spring curve here rises almost linearly.


Gala offers thickness ranges from 1.5 to 5.0 mm with variety of options for Surface Coatings.

Our Advantage

  High durability

  Optimum design for space saving

  Capability to offer variety of surface

  treatments & coating

  Meeting stringent tolerances

Carbon Brush Springs for Starter Motors

A carbon spring is a sliding electrical contact that carries current to a moving surface . It Performs this electric duty while operating within the constraint of a mechanical system .

Carbon brush springs are constant force springs that are specially constructed to ensure consistent & dependable pressure to electric motor commutations. We provide both single coil constant force springs and twin coil constant force springs for carbon brush.

Gala is able to meet customer specific raw material need with options of manufacturing either from annealed & hardened and tempered material.

Our Advantage

  Constant pressure for commutator in any brush length

  Increases brush life, reduces electrical wear

  Compact design for overall motor size Meets required load requirments critical for function of starter motors

  Allows longer brushes

  Allows larger commutators

  Reduces spark, lower influence of electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Spiral Spring for Clutch Fan

Thermal fan clutches have a built-in thermostat spring that detects the air temperature passing through the radiator and air conditioning condenser.
The fan clutch engages and provides air flow, only when cooling is needed. When disengaged, the fan clutch powers down reducing power drain and increasing fuel economy.

Engine Camshaft Adjuster Springs

The spiral springs have the task of moving the camshaft adjuster to its early position when switching off the engine

Clock & Belleville Springs for Steering Wheel

The clock spring is located between the steering wheel and the steering column. We also offer belleville springs, wave springs & spring clamps.