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Engineering Excellence & Manufacturing

At Gala we have 30 years of experience in understanding spring material behavior. We have tie ups with global research institutes & universities in Germany & India for new product testing & new process validations.

Finite Element Analysis for Determining High Stress Zone of Transmission springs


Gala has successfully forged alliances with its suppliers of Steel, which is absolutely vital for maintaining consistency in quality & delivery. Almost 50% of raw materials are imported from leading steel mills from Europe, Brazil, Korea, etc.

Raw materials offered

  Spring Steel Ck55, Ck60, Ck67, Ck70, Ck75, 80C6, 85C6, SWRH62A, SWRS2

  Chrome Vanadium Steel 50CrV4 / 51CrV4

  Precipitation Hardenable Steel 17/7Ph

  Work Hardened Stainless Steel AISI 301, 304 & 316

  Inconel 718 & X750

Tool Design & Development

  In-house tool design and development with latest CAD Software.

  Rapid Prototyping

  State-of-the-art CNC Wire Cut Machines for achieving surface finish upto 5 microns on cutting elements.

  Competency of manufacturing tools from variety of materials like HSS, Carbide, Venadis, Powder Metallurgy, etc.

  Different types of Coating & Treatments for tool elements to increase performance & achieve better edge quality.

Wire Cut Machines

16 Stage Progressive Tool

We have developed tooling technology for shaving of edges for reducing the shear zone upto 20% of material thickness, which is close to fine blanking.

Blanking & Forming

Gala is equipped with presses having capacity up to 250 tons (2500 KN). The presses are attached with automatic De-coiling. Straightening and feeding arrangements. Photo Sensors are installed for elimination mis-blanking. The punching capacity is from thickness 0.1 (0.0039") to 10 mm (0.23").

State of the art Multi-slide machines ensure we meet stringent bending tolerances as per customers' pecifications.

Heat Treatment Technology

With years of experience in handling Spring steel & Stainless steel materials, Gala has optimized heat treatment process. Based on grade of steel & end application, Gala offers various options of heat treatment.


It is performed to achieve homogeneous Bainite structure by ensuring controlled atmosphere & process parameters. The resultant product is distortion free with uniform hardness & higher endurance life.

Stress Relieving

For stainless steel parts stress relieving is done by heat treatment to remove internal stress induced during blanking, forming, etc.
Vacuum Heat Treatment

For thicker materials & application demanding high fatigue life, Gala offers vacuum heat treatment.

Surface Finishing

Based on 30 years of experience in surface engineering, we offer components with fine surface finish - Ra value up to 0.5 microns. This finishing process also ensures uniform edge radius for smooth assembly & movement of parts inside assembly.

Compressive Stress Induction

Proprietary process developed by Gala, induces high level of compressive stresses with larger depth of penetration in components resulting in higher fatigue life. This validated by the leading testing laboratories in the USA and Europe

Inspection & Quality Control

A variety of surface treatments & coatings offered by Gala


  Mechanical Zinc Plating (Cr 6 free)



  Epoxy Coating

  Nickel Chrome Plating