4 Wheeler

Slotted Belleville Springs

Slotted Disc springs are used in clutches of automatic, CVT, and dual clutch transmissions. They ensure highest spring return forces in the small space. These springs also minimize the overall size and weight of the transmission. The spring characteristics are designed to meet the specific load and space requirements for different applications.

Cushion Springs

In applications where shift comfort is critical, cushion springs are added in clutch assembly. Both Disc type and wave type springs are used for cushion spring applications. Wave type cushion springs are most commonly used as they typically are lighter than a Disc design cushion spring results in space saving. Wave springs also results in lower hysteresis compare to disc spring.

2 & 3 Wheelers

Gala offers Judder Plate, Judder Spring (Clutch spring), Plain washer & Belleville washers for 2 & 3 wheeler clutches. Gala is able to meet stringent requirements of flatness, ovality & round edges for free movement of parts inside clutch to achieve optimum performance.

Off-highway Vehicles

We supply belleville springs for transmission of off-highway vehicles like tractor, construction equipment & earth-moving equipment.