Vibratory Machine

Vibratory Deburring & Vibratory Finishing

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Our pursuit to provide surface engineering solutions tailored to suit the ever increasing demands of modern manufacturing environment has driven us from manufacturing standardized machines to providing customized solutions. Wide range of accessories can be integrated and automated to offer completely integrated finishing solution for consistent quality.

Vibratory System for Edge Smoothening

Auto Loading, Edge Radiusing, Washing & Rust Prevention

Auto Loading, Vibratory Polishing, Unloading & Packing

Vibratory Finishing, Washing & Auto Dosing

Drag Grinding & Finishing Systems

Trough Vibrotors

Spiral Vibrotors

Single Piece Flowthrough Systems

System comprise round bowl vibratory finishing machine, driers, separators, conveyers etc with PLC

These systems can further be customized using a whole range of accessories to suit different production needs. Various levels of automation can be incorporated to give you a completely integrated automated mass finishing system.


Aluminium, Zinc and other Die Castings

Non Ferrous Parts of Brass, Bronze, Copper, etc

Cutlery Items


Bicycle Parts

Fittings and Buckles

Press Parts

Textile & Sewing Machinery Components

Gears / Turbine Blades

Defence – Cartridge Cases, Lead Cores, Rifle Parts