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Vision and Mission

Our Vision

Core Ideology

  Genuine & Trustworthy


  Committed to learning & Spreading knowledge


Core Purpose

  To increase quality of life & standard of living in India

  To make India well known in the world for quality, finish and commitment to continuous improvement

Envisioned Future

  •   To increase quality of life & standard of living in India.
  •   We will become number one in every market we serve and revolutionize this organization to have the strength of a big     organization combined with the leanness and agility of a small company.
  •   The Group will be driven by Entrepreneurship & Professionalism and offer great opportunities to deserving and dynamic     individuals to make their mark in the world of Scientific Management.
  •   We will be known for our genuine & trustworthy culture & fanatic customer service.
  •   It will be one of the most admired organizations for practicing scientific management & offering world-class products.
  •   Our articles will be regularly published in Indian & Foreign Magazines and our name will be recognized by management     gurus and quoted in Harvard Business Review.
  •   Gala is committed to spiritual orientation and peaceful existence of all stakeholders.