Disc Springs

Our engineers have developed high level of expertise over the entire manufacturing cycle of disc springs. With the design capability combined with application engineering excellence Gala has become preferred partner for OEMs.

Standard and Customised Disc Springs
Bearing Series
Spring Selection Software

We offer Disc springs as per DIN 2093, American inch standard and specials as per customer specific requirements. Gala is one of the few companies in the world adhering to these demanding standards. Within following groups of DIN 2093, standard sizes as per series A, B and C are available.

Considering the worldwide trend of real time deliveries, Gala has set up a modern manufacturing system supported by high raw material stocks. Coupled with multi-cavity toolings and lean manufacturing systems, this results into faster deliveries.

Group 1 (Thickness t < 1.25 mm)

Group 2 (Thickness t = 1.25 mm to 6 mm)

Group 3 (Thickness t > 6 mm)

Customised Disc Springs

We offer customized disc springs with choices of sizes, load-deflection characteristics, selection of materials and desired fatigue life. Following are the key factors for faster product development:

  • Application partnership and designing of disc springs
  • In-house design and development of toolings
  • Capability of offering disc springs from a wide range of materials with variety of coatings

Next Generation Disc Springs

With years of in-house research and cooperation with German universities, Gala has developed Next Generation Disc springs. These are high performance disc springs offering high fatigue life at higher stress levels.

Alternatively size of the disc springs can be reduced meeting same load /deflection requirement with improved manufacturing technology resulting in substantial cost reduction by the way of reduction of assembly dimensions upto 20% with same fatigue life.

Advantages of Gala Disc Springs

  • Higher Fatigue Life
  • Disc Spring Selection Software is available online
  • ISO 9001 : 2009 / TS 16949 certified manufacturing facilities
  • Tested and Approved by leading OEMs in Germany, Japan, USA, Denmark and France
  • More than 100 standard sizes available ex-stock

Gala Bearing Series Disc Springs are specially designed as preloading springs for use with radial ball bearings. They help maintain positioning accuracy of the bearing with no end play. They also minimize vibration and shaft deflection. Proper preloading will increase bearing rigidly and eliminate excessive running noise. This ensures backlash compensation for ball bearings.

We offer Ball Bearing Disc Springs in two types

Plain Ball Bearing Disc Springs

  • Disc springs with high force, low deflection and pronounced regressive spring characteristics
  • It provides for backlash compensation, silencing and protection of ball bearings
  • The pre-load variation changes little within a wide range of deflection.
  • Outside diameters OD ranging from 9.8-358 mm (0.386" - 14.1")

Slotted Ball Bearing Disc Springs

  • Disc springs with low force and large deflection characteristics
  • Used with small size ball bearings

Spring sizes mentioned below in table are of our standard production. The loads and deflections given are at spring deflection of 75% of free height (ho), same is the recommended preload.

Slotted Bearing Series Disc Springs details are available on request.

Standard and Customised Disc Springs
Bearing Series
Spring Selection Software