Fastening Solutions

Anchor Bolts and Studs
Gallock - Wedge Lock Washers
Safety Disc Washers
DIN 6796 Washers
Slotted Pins as per ISO 8752

Anchor Bolts and Studs


  • Wind Power
  • Hydro Power
  • Thermal Power
  • Structural assemblies


  • Alloy Steel / High Tensile Steel as per ISO 898-1 , DIN , ISO series standard
  • Spring Steel
  • Structural Steel


  • Zinc Flake Coating
  • Delta Tone
  • Geomet
  • Magni
  • Mechanical Zinc Plating(Cr 6 Free)
  • Hot Dip Galvanizing

Gallock - Wedge Lock Washers

Gallock - Wedge Lock Washers ensure the integrity of fastener thread systems by using tension rather than friction, which is the basis of most traditional fastening methods. This provides security to the threaded systems.

Gallock - Wedge Lock Washers consists of two identical flat washers which have a set of cams on one side and a radial knurling on the other. These two washers are supplied glued together, in order to avoid any orientation mistake during assembly.

Functional Principle

  • Wedge shaped surface on the inside of the lock washers, radial teeth on the outside.
  • Interlocking embedding of the radial teeth with the respective mating surface (When the bolt is tightened).
  • System movement only possible between the inside washer surfaces, allowing the securing system to readjust itself automatically.
  • Increase in clamping force.


  • This unique cam system uses tension to create high force in a fastened joint that is subjected to vibrations.
  • Particularly suitable for dynamic loads.
  • Very easy to install and remove.
  • Also suitable for high-tensile bolts of 8.8, 10.9 and 12.9 and their respective nuts.
  • These can be re-used with no reduction in function or quality.

Installation Examples

Gallock Applications

Wind Turbine

Yaw Motor

Rotor Brake

Ladders, Platforms & Tower Connections

Tower Section

Turbine Foundation


Push Pull Rod(Electrical Locomotive)

Compressor(Electrical Locomotive)

Traction Motors

Control Arm of Coaches

Off-Highway Equipment

Working Principle

As shown in the diagram, the angle of the cam " of the washer is larger than the angle of the thread ß. When the fastener is tightened, the knurled surfaces grip both the bearing surface of the fastener and the material into which the screw is being fastened. The larger angle of the cam ", compared to the smaller angle of the screw thread ß, will not allow the screw to loosen because of the tension caused by the cam lifting.

Manufacturing Excellence

Junker Test Machine

Glueing Automation

Engraving Machine

EDM Sparking Machine

Contour Measuring Machine

Safety Disc Washers

Gala Safety Disc Washer Series GS

Safety Washer GS is suitable for normal requirements and available for bolt sizes from M 1.6 to M 36.

Gala High Safety Disc Washer Series GVS

Safety Washer H can be used with high- tensile bolts. These are stronger safety disc washers having higher thickness for higher pre-tensioning loads. The outside and inside diameters as well as the serrations are same as GS series.

Available Material Grades

Spring Steel according to DIN EN 10132-4, Corrosion-resistant Stainless Steel 1.4310, Inconel etc.

Surface Treatments

Phosphated, Mechanical Zinc plated (Cr 6-free), Zinc Lamellar Coatings, Electrolytic Plating.

DIN 6796 Washers

Conical Spring Washers are used to counteract the loss of preload of a bolted connection for bolts. They are most effective on axially loaded short bolts where they increase the axial compliance.These are highly stressed components and are therefore only recommended for static or infrequent varying load applications.

Nominal Bolt Size ranging from M2 - M30 and are available in a variety of materials and finishes.Available material grades : Spring Steel, Stainless Steel - 1.4310, etc. Surface treatments : Phosphated, Mechanical Zinc plated (Cr 6-free), Zinc Lamellar Coating etc.

Slotted Pins as per ISO 8752

Standard Sizes of Slotted Dowel pin considered as per ISO 8752.

Slotted spring pins consist of a single coil of spring steel or stainless steel with an open slot sufficiently wide to enable the pin to reduce in diameter as it is driven into a hole of appropriate size. The ends of the pin have a beveled chamfer. They are designed for plain drilled holes but a countersink makes assembly easier, especially for the ISO 8752 type. Slotted pins are normally supplied in the heavy duty form to ISO 8752.

Anchor Bolts and Studs
Gallock - Wedge Lock Washers
Safety Disc Washers
DIN 6796 Washers
Slotted Pins as per ISO 8752