Disc Springs

Our engineers have developed a high level of expertise over the entire manufacturing cycle of disc springs. With the design capability combined with application engineering excellence Gala has become a preferred partner for OEMs and Tier-1 customers

Standard Disc Springs

We offer Disc Springs as per DIN 2093, American inch standard and specials as per customer specific requirements. Gala is one of the few companies in the world adhering to these demanding standards. Within the following groups of DIN 2093, standard sizes as per series A, B and C are available

Considering the worldwide trend of real time deliveries, Gala has set up a modern manufacturing system supported by necessary material stocks. Coupled with multi-cavity toolings and lean manufacturing systems, this results in faster deliveries

Customised Disc Springs

We offer customized Disc Springs with choices of sizes, load-deflection characteristics, selection of materials and desired fatigue life

Advantages of Gala Disc Springs

Bearing Series Disc Springs

They are specially designed as preloading springs for use with ball bearings. They help maintain positioning accuracy of the bearing with no end play. They also minimize vibration and shaft deflection. Proper preloading will increase bearing rigidly and eliminate excessive running noise. This ensures backlash compensation for ball bearings

Gala offers standard and customised Disc Springs proven for variety of critical applications


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