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Gala Precision Engineering is a fast growing company in the fastening solutions sector, leveraging decades of experience of precision engineering. Gala Precision’s products are integral to diverse industries, including wind turbines, hydro plants, railways, off-highway equipment, infrastructure and more

Our products includes High Tensile Fasteners such as Studs, Anchor Bolts, Cross Bolts, Flange Nuts and Hex Nuts and a variety of other essential fastening elements like Gallock Wedge Lock and Grip Lock Washers

Our technical team and application engineers are always ready to provide comprehensive solutions, advising on product selection, installation, and maintenance across a wide range of applications

Gala’s range of High Tensile Fasteners extends up to M72 diameter for critical applications in Renewable Energy. Our facilities are equipped with CNC machines for customizations such as reduction of shank, creation of external and internal hex. Final inspection of such fasteners is very critical where Gala has multiple inspection and testing capabilities such magnetic particle inspection for surface crack detection, salt spray chamber, torque tensioning machine (to measure Coefficient of Friction – COF), junker vibration test machine etc. for validating effectiveness of fastening solution under rigorous transverse vibrations


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