High Tensile

High Tensile Fasteners

We manufacture High Tensile Fasteners such as Studs, Anchor Bolts, Cross Bolts, Flange Nuts and Hex Nuts from various materials like alloy steel (as per ISO 898-1, DIN & ISO series standard) and structural steel. We offer customized High Tensile Fasteners where the applications are critical and requirements of quality and precision are stringent

Our range includes studs M20 and above sizes, customized to the customer’s specific needs and provide coatings such as hot dip galvanizing and zinc flake coating. These fasteners are offered individually or in format of kits with nuts and washers

Gala Precision Engineering’s High Tensile Fasteners are integral to diverse industries, including wind turbines, hydro plants, railways, off-highway equipment, infrastructure and more


Wind Energy

Hydro Energy



Surface Treatments & Coatings

  • Deltatone
  • Geomet
  • Remcor
  • Non Acidic

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