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For over 3 decades, Gala Precision Engineering has been at the forefront in Springs Technology, crafting high-performance Disc & Strip Springs and Coil & Spiral Springs. Our expertise is grounded in years of experience, ensuring we remain ahead in implementing the latest technological advancements

Our products are integral to global OEMs & Tier-1 across diverse sectors, in Renewable Energy like wind turbines and hydro plants, Industrial as in electrical power equipment, infrastructure, off-highway equipment etc. and Mobility including automotive and railways. Our manufacturing facilities are IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 certified

Gala precision engineering has alliances with steel mills in India, Europe, Brazil, and Korea. Such alliances are key for maintaining consistency in quality and delivery. Our springs solutions stand out due to core competencies like in-house tool design and development, heat treatment, CNC machining, finishing and variety of surface coating processes. This ensures our springs meet or exceed performance requirement of global customers


Disc Springs

We offer Disc Springs that deliver required spring forces in compact space

Strip Springs

We offer Strip Springs which play a crucial role in operation of vehicle’s clutch and brake mechanism

Coil & Spiral Springs

We offer Coil Springs which store mechanical potential energy and Spiral Springs that store and release rotational energy in the form of torque

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