Strip, Coil &
Spiral Springs

At Gala Group, we specialize in manufacturing precision Strip, Coil & Spiral Springs, serving global clientele in the automotive, railways, and flow-control sectors. Our state-of-the-art IATF 16949 certified facilities are a testament to our commitment to excellence, meeting the stringent needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) & Tier-1 worldwide

Our springs are integral to various high-fatigue applications, from two-wheelers to heavy off-highway vehicles

Springs for Powertrain & Transmission

Gala offers Slotted Disc Springs, Conical Springs & Springs for Dual Mass Flywheel for transmission of 2 & 4 wheeler, Commercial & Off-Highway vehicles. We also offer Compression Springs with critical Index and E1 & E2 parameters

Springs for Braking Components

Strip springs like Pad spring, Shoe Clamping Spring, Pad Bearing Plate etc. with high fatigue life either from spring steel or stainless steel for Caliper Disc & Drum Brakes of 2 & 4 wheelers and for Air Disc Brake of commercial vehicles

Springs for Safety & Seating Systems

For seating systems of Passenger cars, HCV, LCV, Tractors and Off Highway Vehicles
• Spiral springs for seat reclining systems
• Retractor Springs for safety belt
• Compression Springs for seats

Electric Mobility

We supply strip springs for brakes in 2-wheelers and retractor springs which can be used in safety belts of passenger cars

Coil Springs plays crucial role within the architecture and functioning of globe control valves and actuators. These precision engineered components contribute to enhancement of valve performance like operational efficiency, ensuring precise control and bolstering long-term resilience

Our Clientele