Industrial parts cleaning

Parts cleaning is an essential process of manufacturing industry. Parts cleaning machines are used to remove all types of contaminants from the surfaces of components. Parts cleaning machines are used for degreasing, descaling, removing metallic burr or particles and other solid particles of contamination. Parts cleaning can be achieved by using Immersion, Spray and Ultrasonic technique or combination of these techniques.

Gala offers complete range of Aqueous parts cleaning machines which includes Spray cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning, Rotary screw, Single Chamber multi-process and Customised machines. We also build customised machines which include Ultrasonic machines with material handling system, drying with centrifuge arrangement, Single piece flow and so on.

We are capable of building large machines as big as 5000 Litre capacity Ultrasonic cleaning machine for very big parts and 60 feet long conveyorised washers. We offer machines suitable for batch and continuous production and also for single piece flow lean production. Our machines are well accepted for precision cleaning of parts of Aerospace and Automotive Industry as well apart from Automotive, Hydraulic, Engineering, Electronics and many other industries. Machines can be built to meet stringent requirements of achieving Gravimetric (Millipore or NAS standards) values of less than 1 mg and particle size as per Class A for precision cleaning. Gala is one stop solution provider for machines and cleaning compounds.

Spray cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Single Chamber Multi Process
Customised Cleaning Solutions

Spray cleaning

We offer spray cleaning machines up to 100 bar spray pressure.

Spray cleaning machines are widely used for washing of components such as machined parts, stamped parts, cylinder heads, cylinder blocks, connecting rods, crank shafts, housings, bearing parts, fasteners, transmission parts, ammunition shells, containers and many more. We build spray cleaning machines in following configurations

Rotary Basket

Rotary basket washers are compact machines suitable for small parts in batches. These machines are simple to use with Wash, Rinse and Dry options.

Spray pressure is in the range of 2 to 4 bar and basket rotation speed is in the range of 3 to 6 RPM. Rotary basket machines are suitable for general cleaning of small components such as machines parts, sheet metal parts, fasteners, springs and many more.

Rotary Indexing

This is suitable for small and medium size parts. Component loading can be at same at different location. A single part is indexed in cleaning, rinsing and drying zone and follows single piece flow.

Component loading and unloading can be manual or automatic with pick and place device or with Robots. Rotary indexing machines are suitable for cylinder liners, shells, and machined cast parts.

Rotary Screw

Rotary screw spray cleaning machines are suitable for continuous production. The cleaning and drying stages can be customised. Machines are available from 30 Kg/Hr to 1500 Kg/hr capacity.

These washers can be integrated with other production equipments to maintain production flow in uniform manner. These washers are popular for components such as stamped washers, fasteners and small arms ammunition shells.

Cabinet Front Loading

These washers can have fixed or rotating work table. This is suitable for cleaning of medium and heavy parts such as housings, axle box, brake drums, machined castings and forgings.

Parts can be loaded in basket or can be placed on work table. Wash, Rinse and dry cycle can be offered.


Conveyorised washers are popular as they support continuous production and easy to operate. Components travel on conveyor with or without trays and pass through enclosed chambers. Spray, rinse and dry sections can be customised based on the cleaning requirements.

Conveyor can be made of steel wire mesh and chain and rod type. Conveyorised washers are suitable for parts like aluminium or brass shells of ammunition, connecting rods, containers, bins, housings, wheels, rifle scopes, gears and sprockets, machined castings and forgings and reflectors.

Ultrasonic cleaning

We manufacture ultrasonic cleaning machines from 20 litres to 5000 litre capacity. We can offer material handling system for multistage ultrasonic cleaning machines for ease of handling of parts. Multistage machines are customised to suit customer needs with options of multiple cleaning, rinsing and drying.

Ultrasonic cleaning machines are used for precision cleaning of parts which are complex in configuration and geometry and / or which require stringent gravimetric values and particle size count as per class A. Ultrasonic cleaning machines are widely used for cleaning of precision parts of Aerospace and automotive sector like engine valves, pistons, turbine blades, fuel injection parts, coil springs, bearing cages etc. This technology is most suitable for cleaning of electronic parts and PCB’s, moulds, optical parts and lenses.

We can provide ultrasonic transducers of tank bonded, immersible box and rod type, based on application. Operating frequency can be 25 KHz or 30 KHz or 40 kHz to suit cleaning application. Ultrasonic cleaning machines offered are

  • Table top
  • Multistage with material handling system

Table Top Ultrasonic


  • 100 % stainless steel construction including mesh basket, top lid etc.
  • Digital or Analog Control Panel.
  • Standard Sizes available upto 50 lrs
  • Compact and light weight machine
  • Stainless Steel
  • Temperature and time controller


  • Filtration and recirculation in bigger models
  • Oil skimmer

Multistage Ultrasonic Cleaning


  • Multiwash, Rinse, Drying, Rust Preventive application
  • PLC based Controls
  • Simaltaneous treatment of parts in various chambers
  • Flexibility in Washing programmes


  • Immersion, Spray, Flood Wash cycles
  • Automatic material handling system
  • Basket Rotation and Dunking
  • Water Filteration and Recirculation
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Hot Air Drying

Single Chamber Multi Process

Single chamber multi process cleaning machines are compact in size. Spray, Immerse flood wash and Ultrasonic wash cycles are possible in this configuration. Vacuum drying also can be provided on customer request.

Customised Cleaning Solutions

We offer customised cleaning solutions to meet customers special requirements. We can build machines such as

  • Single piece flow
  • Robotic washing
<p>Cabinet Type Spray Cleaning</p>

Cabinet Type Spray Cleaning

Cylindrical Screw Feed Cleaning

Cylindrical Screw Feed Cleaning

Multiple Basket Spray Cleaning

Multiple Basket Spray Cleaning

Spray cleaning
Ultrasonic cleaning
Single Chamber Multi Process
Customised Cleaning Solutions