Media and Compounds

Today we serve the global market with high end technology solutions in the field of surface engineering. We offer complete solution of machines and consumables for deburring, polishing and parts cleaning.

We have R&D and Test facilities to process your parts and derive the most optimum solution to suit your needs. We offer wide range of consumables which include media and compounds. The consumables offered by us are consistent in quality and economical.

Selection of correct media and compounds is very important to achieve the required output in terms of quality, cost and process time.

Gala Advantage

  • Ready Stock
  • Consistent Quality
  • Test facilities to process samples
  • Application support

Selection of Media

Shape, size and type of media is selected based on the application, geometry and material of components. Selection of shape and size of media should be such that possibility of clogging of media is eliminated.

We offer ceramic, plastic, glass, porcelain, steel, and drying media (corn cob).

Selection of Compounds

Selection of Compounds is based on application and material composition of the part. The compounds are normally added to water with the concentration of 4 to 7%.

We offer wide range of compounds for degreasing, descaling, deburring and polishing applications.

We have specific range of products for ferrous and non-ferrous parts. Our product offerings also include rust removing compounds and rust inhibitors.

The available compounds are neutral, alkaline or acidic in nature.



Ceramic Media

Ceramic Media is widely used for its abrasive properties and hardness. It is mainely used for deburring, descaling, edge radiusing, polishing and smoothening requirements.

Plastic Media

Resin Bonded Plastic Media from Gala, are proven for deburring and finishing of non-ferrous components and castings. Low density of this media is the advantage over ceramic media. It results in dent less finish on soft metals such as Aluminum, Zinc and Alloys of Brass, Copper and many more.

This media is suitable for aluminum die cast parts.

This media is also suitable for certain rubber and plastic parts.

Glass Media

Glass beads are used as rolling media for high gloss on work piece of low density material like optical frames, electric, plastic components and many more. Major advantage of this media is very low wear rate.

Porcelain Media

Porcelain media produces high luster / mirror finish for stainless steel parts. This gives high polish and have low wear rate.

Steel Media

Steel media are used for burnishing to obtain lusture and reflective mirror-like finish. We offer steel media in SS 202, SS 304 and SS 316 grade. Normally steel media is used in heavy duty ball burnishing vibratory finishing machines. Ball burnishing in SS media is very popular in stainless steel cutlery items.

Drying Media

Corn cobs have replaced saw dust as drying media. The major advantage of corn cob media is that it can absorb 12 times more water than saw dust without any dusting problem. Corn cobs are also used for polishing of ferrous and non ferrous components. This media is used in vibratory drying machines.


Compounds for Finishing

Compounds are one of the important elements in the deburring and finishing process. Compounds accelerate the process of deburring, finishing etc. It also helps in keeping parts and media in suspension and removing contamination like oil, dirt, scale etc. The grain structure of the media is kept open allowing it to function at maximum efficiency.

Compounds can be added manually or with automatic dosing arrangement. Normally continuous dosing of compounds is recommended. The concentration level is very important to achieve desired level of output.

We also offer water based rust preventive compounds which can provide short term protection to rust formation.

Compounds for Cleaning

Aqueous cleaning compounds are widely used for various industrial parts cleaning processes. Aqueous cleaning compounds can be used in Spray cleaning, Ultrasonic cleaning and Immersion cleaning methods.

Selection of cleaning Compounds is based on following:

Higher Fatigue Life

  • Cleaning process - Immersion, Spray, Ultrasonic
  • Variables - process time, temperature, pressure
  • Part size and complexity of geometry
  • Required cleanliness level
  • Part material - ferrous, non ferrous
  • Nature of contamination
  • Safety norms

We offer following cleaning compounds:

  • Degreasing
  • Cleaning and descaling
  • Brightening

We also offer high end compounds from DST-CHEMICAL, Denmark for descaling, degreasing and rust removing applications. These compounds are environment friendly and offer following benefits.

  • Improved Cleanliness
  • Low Energy Consumption
  • Reduced Enviro Load